Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Becoming a Free Spirt (Sort Of).

I’m moving to Australia in a few weeks, so I’ve created this blog as an alternative to group emails and also as a travel journal of sorts. I have yet to decide if this is brilliant or lazy. I may also talk about cheese and how I don’t understand people’s obsession with cats. And Facebook. It is likely I will talk about Facebook.

So, WHY AM I MOVING TO PERTH? I’ve just finished my masters, which was hard but worth it, and I feel like doing something a bit different for a while. Plus, an old flatmate of mine lives over there and has offered me her spare room, as well as enticing me with promises of cocktails by the poolside and the ability to get washing dried in the space of a few hours. After 18 months of Wellington dampness the latter prospect is pretty exciting! I also scored some cheap flights (yay airpoints), and am hoping to take full advantage of the higher earning power over the ditch (how cliché). 

This means that the next week is going to be spent packing up my life here in Wellington and saying goodbye to all the lovely friends I’ve made. Sadface. So far I have done nothing towards this – I find packing incredibly depressing and am avoiding it until I absolutely HAVE to do it. We shall see how that pans out (badly, if the past is anything to go by). Of course, the weather isn’t helping by being absolutely stunning and reminding me just how awesome life here can be.

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