Monday, September 19, 2011

Hollie Moves to Perth

Right. So I've arrived in Perth in one piece - even though it took an outrageous amount of time to get here. I left my parent's place in Whangarei at 6:30am (NZ time) and arrived at Emma and Shane's in Perth at around 5am (NZ time). A lot of flying and hanging out at airports - plus an extra two hours just sitting in the plane in Melbourne airport while they fixed and tested stuff.

Needless to say I was a tired little Hollie by the time I got in.

On the way I took some photos of upside-down sky, and my first glimpse of Australia:

I'm into my third day now, and I'm only just starting to get the hang of the time difference. I constantly feel like I've been wasting the day away, only to look at a clock and find it's 11am! I've been kept busy setting up my room, doing a wee bit of sight-seeing, and a suprising amount of shopping for various bits and pieces for the house.

I was really excited about arriving in much warmer weather than NZ, and being able to swan about in shorts and dresses by the pool. However, it really isn't nearly as warm as I was hoping! Instead of lovely sunshine there has been a big storm! So it's been warm clothing and extra blankets on the bed for me. Lamepants.

My room is pretty sweet. It feels crazy to be in such a big room in a house with no stairs and a huuuuge back yard after my flat in Wellington. The house is pretty neat as well. It has a bit of a batch feel about it: there are two actual bedrooms, two lounges, a random storage area/hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and the toilet is outside. Yes, outside. It's not so bad, it's all covered and I can get there easily from my room - although I'm slightly afraid I'm going to step on a snake one night while I stumble there in the dark. So far the closest thing to a snake I've seen was a cute little caterpillar, but it's early days yet. 

Here are some photos of my new digs:

My super comfy bed

So much space!

Hail in the Pool (taken from my room)

We get a new flatmate tonight, another guy from NZ, so we will be a house full of Kiwis! Except for Shane who is the quintessential Aussie bloke. He owns a ute and a Bronco (does that count as a ute?), watches the 'Footy', and appears to be able to fix anything you point him at. Basically the opposite of me. It also seems that I have no choice but to join in with a whole bunch of exciting activities - Emma has already bought vouchers so that we can learn to kitesurf, is planning camping trips, boat trips, and they are super into diving so I'm sure that will happen too. It's pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to trying a whole bunch of new things. Including going to the gym! I know right! 


  1. Dear Hollie your life in perth sounds great, what a bloke that Shane guy sounds like... I'm sure you will do lots of adventure packed things with your awesome friend Emma... I'm also sure Emma will make you. Love from your new Perth friend.

  2. Hello "Anonymous". Yes, it is indeed pretty sweet. Emma is awesome. She is also sneaky, especially when commenting on people's posts in the third person :p