Friday, September 23, 2011

You Always Take The Weather With You

Today promises to be the first sunny day since my arrival - there is literally not a cloud in the sky. And while I am told I will get over it eventually and crave rain, I really am quite happy to see some sunshine. I am making the most of it by sitting outside by the (very green) pool/giant birdbath. I love this back yard - it is going to be AHMARZING in summer for bbqs and swimming.

Pool area - taken on a less sunny day
Earlier this week Shane took me to see the Mundaring Weir which provides water to Perth and other towns in WA, many of which are hundreds of kilometers away. While the Weir is huge, it is pretty obvious just how low the water level is, despite this being the wettest winter they've had in nearly a decade. So, as grumbly as I am that it has been raining so much, it is clearly desperately needed here.

Mundaring Wier

Of course, being the bloke he is, we had gone out in his enormous car and did a spot of 4WD driving (I realise the 'D' stands for driving, but really, how do you write that?). It was pretty fun! I got to see some scenery as well which was cool - we live really close to the bush. 

I'm looking forward to more exciting adventures in the future - especially once the weather clears up and we can head to the beach! Yay beach!

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  1. You should take your weather home now... but you can stay :) - Emma