Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perth Proper

On Thursday I went into actual Perth to meet up with a new friend and have a look around. I thought I was already in Perth, but apparently not. In fact, Perth isn't even on my address. Actual Perth consists primarily of the CBD - which is around 40-50 mins drive from where I'm currently living. 

I love this guy! I didn't read the plaque so don't actually know who he is or why there is a statue of someone doing a handstand/breakdancing in the middle of the street - but it's pretty cool regardless. I wonder if there are any sheep statues anywhere like this one in Canberra:

Seriously, WTF?

Sydney boasts some fine sheep statues as well, but I can't be bothered dredging through all my photos to find a picture. Can anybody explain this phenomenon?

We went for a walk along the riverbank (where I neglected to take any decent scenery shots) and stumbled across this dude trying in vain to swallow a pufferfish that was clearly too big. Nice try, buddy.

We also stumbled upon this random little alleyway. It's super cute and completely different to all the other areas I saw in the CBD which were considerably more corporate. 

Awkward blatant tourist pose.

I'll have to take some more scenic pictures sometime. I've secretly been waiting until the weather is better so that it will look more awesome. Below is a picture I took last night of the sunset as Emma and I drove into the city. Emma promises me that there will be many more like it - this pleases me. 

We were off to do some late night shopping as I start a new job as receptionist on Monday and need some clothing that isn't Emma's! I hadn't been shopping in forever as most of my clothing in the last year had been given to me through clothes swaps and the such. So I am the proud owner of new pants, skirts, and several blouses. How exciting. I also have a new hair colour and cut. So much for saving! I'm quite stoked though that it took less than a week to be offered not one but two jobs - and I'm really excited to be doing something that I've not tried before.

Roast dinner at Emma's Mum's place tonight! Nom nom nom.


  1. Hello!
    I am glad to see you are having a wonderful time in Oz and have job all sorted already! How was the first week at work? Emma's place looks amazing! Its a shame Perth is on the other side of Aussie, would love to come visit it you at New Years!

    I have just got back from Alex's, her wedding was yesterday. Was a beautiful amazing day, the weather was perfect, and the bride and groom looked stunning! I sure Alex will be posting on facebook photos as soon as she gets them from the photographer!

    Keep up the good work with the blogs! And hope all continues to go well for you!

    Take care,
    Nicola :)

  2. Hi! Sorry for the slow reply - been ignoring the blog for a couple of weeks now. Shocking. Will update again soon.

    Yes - Perth is very inconveniently located very far away from everyone which kind of sucks. There seem to be a lot of people heading over to the NZ side of Aussie for New Years, maybe I should consider doing the same?

    Alex looks like she had an amazing day. You both looked beautiful (not that you don't normally). I'm glad it all went perfectly for her.

    New post coming! Eventually!