Thursday, March 29, 2012

Screw Applying for Jobs - I'm Updating My Blog

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been in Melbourne a couple of months now, but most of that time has been spent in a bit of a haze of temp work and finding somewhere to live. Things seem to be settling down a bit now, thank goodness, so I’m hoping to be able to spend more time and energy on some new and interesting projects and meeting new and interesting people.

Just to get started (and blatantly imitate the format of Gala Darling’s blog), may I introduce...

Things I Like About Melbourne Thursday:


I think cycling is just great. Cycling that involves cute dresses and wicker baskets that is – lycra, notsomuch. It's great for me, great for the enviroment, and great for my bank balance. Of course I will also need to go shopping for outfits to wear while I am gracefully pedalling around the streets of Melbourne.* **

Image from


Admittedly I haven’t actually met that many people yet, but those I have seen walking the streets look like they’d make excellent friends. This is helped by the fact that many of them are wearing cute outfits whilst gracefully pedalling around the streets of Melbourne. It can be done. Or at least I can have friends who are able to do such things. There's also loads of amazeballs street art:

Hosier Lane

Coffee/Café’s/Bars and the fact that my housemate works in a café and brought home some cake:

My time spent living in Wellington left me with a slight addiction to caffeine and high expectations of what good cafes and bars should be like. Thankfully Melbourne lives up to it’s reputation and I have spent many happy hours eating delicious food and drinking coffee and wine with friends.

N.B. Cake may have been nibbled slightly prior to photoshoot.
LOVE this: an interactive waterfall
One of Melbourne's may laneways

Terrace Houses

I am getting a little bit obsessed with the houses here. I even got to stay in a house with a wee front yard and a lovely private back yard for a while. They are just so old and cool looking. And go really well with bikes with baskets on the front.

***photo to come***

The Weather

Actually. I know everyone complains about it because it changes every ten minutes or whatever – but I grew up in Northland so I find it kind of comforting in a weird sort of way. It seems I missed the hottest time in Perth, but I was there long enough to know that Hollie and temperatures about 35 degrees do not mix well. Plus it’s less damp and humid than home – that I do not miss.  

Northcote on a sunny day.

Long story short, Melbourne is pretty sweet - I'm slowly but surely getting settled, and if anyone is around and wants to meet up for a coffee/wine (or, better still, employ me) then get in touch!

*My inability to do anything gracefully, and my irrational fear of traffic may be a slight impediment, but a girl can dream.
** This bike picture wasn't actually taken in Melbourne. But you get the idea.

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